Tips for Commercial Office Fitouts

A well-designed commercial interior fit out can have a huge impact on your employees’ well being, morale, productivity and innovation. Here are some key things to consider when planning your commercial office fitoutdesign.

Plan colour schemes strategically

Ideally, your office’s interior should be designed to reflect the unique values and character of your business. The colour tones you choose will impact both your employees’ mood and productivity in the day-to-day, and ultimately shape how visiting clients perceive your business.

For best results, steer clear of pure white or off-white paint on the walls as this suggests austerity, coldness, and lack of personality. Instead, opt for calming neutral colours that convey an atmosphere of professionalism and tranquility, while promoting productivity. This could include shades of blue, green and grey. In spaces where you would like to encourage collaboration and creativity, select lively, energetic colours like light red, orange and green.

Promote purposeful movement

Studies have proven that organisations that embrace workplace wellbeing enjoy increased retention and stronger loyalty and dedication with healthier and happier employees.

One of the easiest ways to promote employee health in the workplace is to provide them with opportunities to move about the office through their daily work. Ideas include:

  • Stand up meeting spaces
  • Sit/stand workstations
  • Flexible modular elements for interactive workshops

Create a clutter free yet personalised environment

To encourage efficiency and improve productivity, ensure that office spares are regularly cleaned and free of clutter. Make sure collaborative spaces are open and neat, as visual mess can negatively impact productivity. With a clutter free office environment, your employees will feel more efficient and empowered.

Use stylish, ergonomic, personalised furniture

To improve employee health and productivity, invest in ergonomic, personalised office furnishings. This will reduce the risk of back and shoulder injuries in your employees.

Furniture to improve worker health could include:

  • Comfortable, adjustable desk chairs
  • Adjustable stand/sit desks
  • Adjustable computer monitors

Consider lighting and air quality

Lighting can go a long way in creating the perfect atmosphere in commercial office fitouts. To reduce eye strain and discomfort for employees while working, invest in:

  • Overhead lighting that uses filters
  • Adjustable blinds on windows

Encourage workers to angle their computer monitors away from lights and windows to decrease glare.

Fresh air can also do wonders for productivity. For example, an open air office that allows for open windows, air purifiers or an ozone replacement machine will improve the morale and daily well being of employees.

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