Small Office Ideas

Physical work space is one of the key factors that affect work morale, productivity and efficiency in most offices. The work environment plays a big part in creating job satisfaction for employees. A small office will mean that it will be more challenging to have enough spaces to accommodate all the employees’ needs and to even conduct a meeting with sufficient space.

Even though a smaller space makes it harder to renovate, it’s not impossible as long as you create a specific plan targeted for your type of business and company culture. Your employees would be empowered to do the best job that they can with high efficiency when you can make the most out of your limited work space.

Just because your work space is limited doesn’t mean your productivity and efficiency has to be limited because of it. There are just several small design tweaks you need to apply to maximize that small space, which benefits you as a business by optimizing your employees’ work space, therefore increasing their productivity. So let’s take a look at some small office ideas.

1. Ergonomics

This one goes without even saying, it just makes sense. It is impossible that you will be productive if your back is killing you by sitting in an uncomfortable chair and working on an improperly adjusted computer. An office should be able to allow the employees to feel comfortable. Get the right furniture, when employees are feeling more comfortable, they will be more productive.
What is the healthy and ergonomic standard for this? Your wrists are almost straight, your thighs parallel to the floor, and your upper arms are perpendicular to the floor. In addition to this, you want to make sure everything is within easy reach.

2. Remove the Clutter

Having too much clutter on your desk is a no-brainer. A tidy desk helps you stay on task with your work and increase your productivity and organization. It allows you to find anything you need when your desk is clutter-free.

However, as a manager, it could be difficult to keep a desk tidy, but you can enforce a “document digitally stored” policy in office and encourage employees to scan documents and save them on computers for a neater desk.

3. Throw in Some Colors

It was proven long ago that colours can affect people’s productivity at work. Even though all of us have different preference of colour, the impact of colour on us is universal. Blue colour has been proven to have a positive effect of stimulating the mind. Yellow helps inspire creativity. Red affects your body while green is good for eyes and creating a calming balance.

The saturation and intensity of a colour choice is even more important that the actual colour. We understand that you don’t always have an option to change the colour of the whole office, but you can throw some coloured items into personal working space.

4. Add Some Plants

Throwing in a potted plant on your personal work desk is one of the quickest and easiest way to boost your productivity at work when you don’t have control over the colour scheme of your office or lighting design.

A potted plant has been proved in several studies to have an effect of increasing productivity and cognitive attention. In addition, it can increase air quality to remove mould and bacteria.