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A Simple Guide to Planning New Office Fitouts

Are you starting to plan a new office fitout, but not quite sure where to start? As in business, it’s smart to pay attention to the fine details.

As certified office fit out specialists, Supernova Building Services can help you think through the obvious and less obvious details of designing a highly productive office space. Our simple guide is designed to provide useful tips and tricks to help you plan your first office interior fit out effectively.

Set project goals

First, define the goals that will guide your new office fit out design. Will your office fitout design focus on:

  • Reinforcing your business’ brand? If your primary goal is to strengthen your brand, you’ll need to incorporate your brand colours, company vision, mottos and values into the layout and design.
  • Boosting employees’ motivation and productivity? In this case, you’ll need to research trends in ergonomic design. Look into strategies to improve staff morale through colour, lighting and space.

Create a detailed checklist

An office fitout project can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t keep organised. To start on the right track, create a comprehensive inventory of what your office will need.

Start by writing down how many employees will be working in your new office, and what they will need to perform their jobs effectively.

You’ll need to consider the following:

  • Staff equipment and furniture (computers, desks and chairs)
  • Telephone and power outlets
  • Artificial lighting
  • Natural lighting (e.g. windows)
  • IT infrastructure and internet
  • Heating vents and thermostats
  • Ventilation, air-conditioning, ducts and fans
  • Furniture for meeting spaces and reception areas
  • Equipment for amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Safety requirements, such as the proper placement of fire extinguishers, exit signs, sprinklers and smoke detectors

Decide on a budget

Often, your budget will be decided for you, based on your circumstances. In order to achieve the best results, it’s important to plan how you will manage your budget over the course of the project.

Look carefully at your checklist items and align them against your project goals. Now’s the time to decide on your priorities. What percentage of your budget will you allocate to each item on your checklist? Can existing office furniture be reused, or will you need to invest in new furniture and fixtures?

Create a blueprint of your office fitout design

Mock up a blueprint of your office fitout design. To enhance productivity, consider how you can make your office pleasant for your workers. Even if you have space restrictions, you can create the illusion of ample space with a few strategic choices. Will an open style, collaborative office enhance your employees’ workflow or will you need private spaces to work independently?

Seek advice from a professional office fitout specialist

To approach the office fitout design process logically, save money and save time, it’s best to consult a professional fitout specialist. Why? Consulting office fit out specialists can prevent your business from making costly mistakes that can unravel a complex project.

Here at Supernova Building Services, we can assist you through every stage of your project. With our proven expertise, we’ll ensure you achieve exceptional results that match your business goals, on budget and on time.


The Importance of Property Maintenance for Your Commercial Lease

Whether you own a single office or multiple commercial buildings, it’s in your best interest as a business owner to ensure that your portfolio is kept in a pristine condition.

Why is commercial property maintenance important?

Finding a company that offers commercial building maintenance can save you a lot of trouble and, in the long term, a lot of money. A clean, safe commercial property will improve your business’ reputation, and the happiness and health of tenants, workers and clients.
Most importantly, if you don’t arrange regular property maintenance, your property may decrease in value and require expensive repairs.

What is the best way to maintain my commercial properties?

Investing in a professional property maintenance service is a wise choice. Typically, these services include:

Interior repairs – Interior repairs may include interior painting or repainting, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and fixing interior damage to your property.

Exterior repairs – Exterior repairs ensure your property looks presentable and tidy to visitors. These can include:

● Exterior painting
● Concrete laying
● Brickwork
● Roofing
● Fencing
● Installation, replacement, and repair of signs

How can I choose the right property maintenance service for my business?

Here are three things to look for when finding your best fit in a commercial property maintenance company.


Ideally, the company you select should be licensed and have certifications proving their expertise. Staff should demonstrate deep knowledge about all aspects of building maintenance, from interior and exterior repairs.

State-of-the-art repair equipment

To ensure the job is performed well, ensure the company uses state-of-the art equipment.

Good value

Finally, the company should offer an affordable price with satisfaction guaranteed. Look for a company with a reputation for working quickly and efficiently to deliver exceptional results.

What are you waiting for?

If you suspect that your commercial property is starting to look untidy or unclean, now’s the time to act. Contact ustoday for a quote on maintaining your commercial property in Brisbane.


Tenancy Fit Out

Recent tenancy fit out in Teneriffe. Works completed included demolition, construction of office spaces, dividing wall, painting, relocations, floor coverings etc. Contact Us for a quotation for your next de-fit or fit out of your tenancy.


Tips for Commercial Office Fitouts

A well-designed commercial interior fit out can have a huge impact on your employees’ well being, morale, productivity and innovation. Here are some key things to consider when planning your commercial office fitoutdesign.

Plan colour schemes strategically

Ideally, your office’s interior should be designed to reflect the unique values and character of your business. The colour tones you choose will impact both your employees’ mood and productivity in the day-to-day, and ultimately shape how visiting clients perceive your business.

For best results, steer clear of pure white or off-white paint on the walls as this suggests austerity, coldness, and lack of personality. Instead, opt for calming neutral colours that convey an atmosphere of professionalism and tranquility, while promoting productivity. This could include shades of blue, green and grey. In spaces where you would like to encourage collaboration and creativity, select lively, energetic colours like light red, orange and green.

Promote purposeful movement

Studies have proven that organisations that embrace workplace wellbeing enjoy increased retention and stronger loyalty and dedication with healthier and happier employees.

One of the easiest ways to promote employee health in the workplace is to provide them with opportunities to move about the office through their daily work. Ideas include:

  • Stand up meeting spaces
  • Sit/stand workstations
  • Flexible modular elements for interactive workshops

Create a clutter free yet personalised environment

To encourage efficiency and improve productivity, ensure that office spares are regularly cleaned and free of clutter. Make sure collaborative spaces are open and neat, as visual mess can negatively impact productivity. With a clutter free office environment, your employees will feel more efficient and empowered.

Use stylish, ergonomic, personalised furniture

To improve employee health and productivity, invest in ergonomic, personalised office furnishings. This will reduce the risk of back and shoulder injuries in your employees.

Furniture to improve worker health could include:

  • Comfortable, adjustable desk chairs
  • Adjustable stand/sit desks
  • Adjustable computer monitors

Consider lighting and air quality

Lighting can go a long way in creating the perfect atmosphere in commercial office fitouts. To reduce eye strain and discomfort for employees while working, invest in:

  • Overhead lighting that uses filters
  • Adjustable blinds on windows

Encourage workers to angle their computer monitors away from lights and windows to decrease glare.

Fresh air can also do wonders for productivity. For example, an open air office that allows for open windows, air purifiers or an ozone replacement machine will improve the morale and daily well being of employees.

To discover how Supernova Building Services can maximise your office space for productivity, get in touch with our commercial fitout specialists in Brisbane.


Bubs Fitout at Aspley Homemaker Centre

Our latest completed project at Bubs Aspley Homemaker Centre in Brisbane.

This was a complete fitout which included constructing inter tenancy walls, installing doorways, installing lights, flooring, counters, cubicles and relocation of security equipment.

Contact Us for a quotation for your next defit or fitout.


Tenancy Fitout

Scope of work included building compact offices, boardroom, meeting rooms, workstation space, reception and waiting area, kitchen, storage area and server room. This fitout included painting, electrical, data and lighting, joinery, floor coverings, air conditioning and plumbing.

Contact us for a quotation for your next office defit or fitout.


Bathroom Refurbishment

Here is an example of a bathroom refurbishment with new wall tiles, floor tiles, vanity, shower tap ware and rail, shower screen and toilet. Ceiling, door and frame has been painted and new light fitting installed. Contact us if you would like a similar refurbishment to your bathroom.


Amenities Refurbishment

Replaced privacy lock.
Replaced and repaired tiles with replacement ceramic wall tiles.
Repointed and recoloured grout where necessary.
Repaired walls and repainted.
Removed paper towel dispenser and replaced with Dyson Air Blade hand dryer.
Replaced doors to WC with easy clean, vandal resistance materials.
Replaced tap ware with push button timed hot and cold taps.


5 Things to Look for Before Hiring a Fitout Company

Brisbane organisations needing a new fitout have the choice of many service providers, but how do you know the job will be completed to budgeton time, and to the standard that you expect?
We have compiled the top five characteristics you should be looking for before hiring a fitout company.

1. Industry Experience

Without experience in the industry, how do you know the company will understand all the options available, have the contacts required to complete a successful project, and possess the necessary ingenuity and expertise to implement the right solution for you?

SNBS has been helping Australian companies design and implement fitouts for 13 years; our chief director Steven Long has 28 years’ experience internationally in the building industry.

2. Proven Track Record of Successful Fitout Projects

Not only does the company need experience, it needs a proven track record of quality. Has it worked with similar size organisations, with similar requirements as yours before? What key projects has it been involved in? Have you seen the results?

We are proud of our commercial projects – a selection of our previous office and shop fitouts are presented on our website so that you can view first-hand what we are capable of.

3. Good Reputation

What is the reputation of the fitout company? Can other organisations vouch for its quality, consistency and service? Any company can get a good reference or two – you need to know that the one you choose will deliver for you.

We have a long list of satisfied clients from a range of sectors – including high profile organisations like Wynnum Plaza, the Australian Red Cross and Hungry Jack’s.

4. Commitment to Deliver

You also need assurances that your fitout company will listen to you, understand your requirements, be creative enough to design a great solution, and then commit to deliver. Commitment to deliver means more than saying “yes we can do it”. It is a consultative approach that requires experience and expertise.

We have flourished for the last 13 years because of our commitment to service and reliability. We value customer communication and deliver on time and on budget, with client satisfaction always at the forefront of our minds and paramount to our success.

5. Cost Effectiveness

You want to be sure that your fitout doesn’t send your budget through the roof! But beware also of the many “false economies” with fitouts – cutting corners can end up costing you more to fix problems and because of downtime to your business.

We believe in doing it right first time. Once we have completed the consultation and planning processes, we are quick: we get the job finished to spec and on time, so that our customers can proceed operations ASAP! Quotes are turned around in 72 hours.

Absence of any one of the above five characteristics should set alarm bells ringing when you are selecting your fitout company.

Count on Supernova Building Services!

Using SNBS for your complete Brisbane fitout can help save you the worry and expense of hiring multiple companies. We are a one-stop shop for advice, design, planning and implementation; and you can be confident that any commercial fitout project from us will receive a superb design solution, delivered within pre-agreed timelines and budgets. Contact Us now on (07) 32687555.

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