increasing popularity of end-of-trip facilities in Brisbane

Have you recently discovered that your major development in Brisbane requires an end-of-trip facility? Are you an organisation that is looking for a way to boost organisational morale and encourage health and fitness among your employees?

Here at Supernova Building Services, we’ve received an increasing number of requests from Brisbane organisations seeking to build or refurbish an end-of-trip facility. This article will provide key information on how we can help.

What is an end-of-trip facility?

A growing trend in Brisbane and Australia-wide, end-of-trip facilities are designated places that support cyclists, joggers and walkers who desire alternative ways to commute to work. These types of facilities also benefit companies who would like to provide their employees with an option for exercise during their lunch break – a popular option among urban office workers.

End-of-trip facilities can include:

  • Secure bicycle parking
  • Locker facilities
  • Change rooms and showers

Ultimately, this is an affordable way to improve convenience for commuters and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Buildings that require end-of-trip facilities

From office facilities to school facilities, university facilities, shopping centre facilities and hospital facilities, end of trip facilities can take many forms. New major developments in the South East Queensland region with a floor area greater than 2000 square metres are legally required to build an end of trip facility for visitors.

How to get started

If your organisation is legally required to provide visitors with an end of trip facility, or your business would like to install one to improve employee morale and work culture, Supernova Building Services can build an end-of-trip facility to meet your unique needs, on budget and on time. We also offer maintenance services to keep your end of trip facility looking its best.

To find out more, get in touch with Supernova Building Services today.