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Small Office Ideas

Physical work space is one of the key factors that affect work morale, productivity and efficiency in most offices. The work environment plays a big part in creating job satisfaction for employees. A small office will mean that it will be more challenging to have enough spaces to accommodate all the employees’ needs and to even conduct a meeting with sufficient space.

Even though a smaller space makes it harder to renovate, it’s not impossible as long as you create a specific plan targeted for your type of business and company culture. Your employees would be empowered to do the best job that they can with high efficiency when you can make the most out of your limited work space.

Just because your work space is limited doesn’t mean your productivity and efficiency has to be limited because of it. There are just several small design tweaks you need to apply to maximize that small space, which benefits you as a business by optimizing your employees’ work space, therefore increasing their productivity. So let’s take a look at some small office ideas.

1. Ergonomics

This one goes without even saying, it just makes sense. It is impossible that you will be productive if your back is killing you by sitting in an uncomfortable chair and working on an improperly adjusted computer. An office should be able to allow the employees to feel comfortable. Get the right furniture, when employees are feeling more comfortable, they will be more productive.
What is the healthy and ergonomic standard for this? Your wrists are almost straight, your thighs parallel to the floor, and your upper arms are perpendicular to the floor. In addition to this, you want to make sure everything is within easy reach.

2. Remove the Clutter

Having too much clutter on your desk is a no-brainer. A tidy desk helps you stay on task with your work and increase your productivity and organization. It allows you to find anything you need when your desk is clutter-free.

However, as a manager, it could be difficult to keep a desk tidy, but you can enforce a “document digitally stored” policy in office and encourage employees to scan documents and save them on computers for a neater desk.

3. Throw in Some Colors

It was proven long ago that colours can affect people’s productivity at work. Even though all of us have different preference of colour, the impact of colour on us is universal. Blue colour has been proven to have a positive effect of stimulating the mind. Yellow helps inspire creativity. Red affects your body while green is good for eyes and creating a calming balance.

The saturation and intensity of a colour choice is even more important that the actual colour. We understand that you don’t always have an option to change the colour of the whole office, but you can throw some coloured items into personal working space.

4. Add Some Plants

Throwing in a potted plant on your personal work desk is one of the quickest and easiest way to boost your productivity at work when you don’t have control over the colour scheme of your office or lighting design.

A potted plant has been proved in several studies to have an effect of increasing productivity and cognitive attention. In addition, it can increase air quality to remove mould and bacteria.


Office & Business Renovation Ideas

A good office renovation benefits a business in various ways ranging from boosting employee morale to leaving clients with a good impression of you and your company. Despite the expenses and stress an office renovation could potentially bring, it does pay itself off by offering plenty of advantages that bring positive effects further down the track.

A right-fit office renovation is not an easy task, and it requires proper and comprehensive planning beforehand. Also choosing the right contractors for your office renovation is particularly important. Those are the two main factors for a successful office renovation, getting both achieved can ensure your office renovation runs smoothly and finishes within set timeframe.

Based on many years of office and shop space renovation experience, we have several office renovation ideas that help you through the whole process. Read on to find out.

1. Be Creative with the Walls

Who says your office walls have to be white-colored without any decoration and fun? Not only will it make the office feel barren and dull, but also demotivate your employees causing them to work less.

It is recommended to do some research about effects of colors when you are planning what to do with the walls. Also you don’t have to paint the whole wall with one single color. Be creative and throw in some colors. You can get all your employees to contribute their ideas about what they would like to do with the walls. For example, every employee can leave their hand palm print or their signature. This will increase their sense of belonging by getting them participate in the office renovation project

Image of our office renovation painting ideas

2. Get Professional to Do the Job

No, don’t even think it would be OK that your office renovation project should be done by yourselves. You will never regret the extra cost spent on hiring a professional team to do it.

Not only can they help you with the planning beforehand but also they can make sure to get your office renovation project done within budget. It is recommended to hire a commercial renovation professional who has both interior and exterior knowledge.

3. Open Concept Office

Nowadays, if you walk into modern offices, most of them are open offices. An office with open space work area encourages and boosts employees’ interaction.

Employees might be less productive if they are confined in tiny working spaces like office workstations and office cubicles so try to include getting rid of office partition walls in your office renovation project.

4. Create a Relax Area

Many office renovation professional teams recommend businesses to include a relax area in their renovation project. It doesn’t have to be elaborated and fancy, it is just a place where your employees can relax and de-stress themselves.

You won’t need much, just some comfortable office chairs, a tea table and other items that could make your office feel more than just an office.

5. Renovate Your Office Windows

Windows in an office are the link to the outside world, they are where air and natural light comes through. A good office should have lots of natural light instead of artificial light to avoid damaging your employees’ eyes.

What is more, modern double glazed windows are great insulators. If your office still has old windows you may be losing money on wasted heating (or cooling) bills so maybe it is time for you to upgrade them by getting larger windows installed.

Get your office renovation done professionally and it will give your office a brand new look that motivates your staff every morning when they start their day.

If you are considering talking to a professional renovation team, feel free to contact us. We are confident that we can complete any kind of office renovation to your absolute satisfaction by getting the project done within budget and on time.


Office Design Ideas

When you are planning on renovating your current workspace, it’s important to have an office design that suits your business as well as to ensure that your employees can carry out their work as effectively and efficiently as possible.

It needs to be a place where employees can focus on their work, whilst at the same time doing everything reasonably possible to relieve their stress and make them comfortable as possible.

As the leading commercial fitouts specialists in Brisbane, we know that the initial office designs are very important in getting your employees focused and by following this article, you will hopefully have an idea of what kind of design you want for your office.

Following the Trends

It can be distracting and it can be very messy if you have a bunch of wires trailing all over your work desk. Hiding the wires can make your office more organized and also to ensure that your employees are not visually distracted by the chaos of the wires. Having an organized office is very important. Consider using a wireless mouse, keyboard and computers that do not require electric wires to be connected to the PC. You can even consider buying “All-in-one” computers.

Another cool trend for your office can be to bring the nature into the office. Have your office furniture made in wood. Setting up a fireplace like a campfire and having windows that will bring the sunlight in. Being in the office for a long time with

no access to natural sunlight will cause the employees to feel tired easily, having natural sunlight in the office can provide a fresh feeling, allowing employees to be energized and alert throughout the day.

Try looking at these design ideas.


Do you know that the colours your office is sporting can affect the mentality of its employees? Colours with a low wavelength like blue and green can improve focus level and efficiency in employees.

Blue and green will be great colours for you to design your office space if you want happier, effective and focused employees.

If your business is constantly dealing with emergency and urgent situation, it is recommended to paint a wall red. Red signifies the sense of urgency as it increases the heart rate and blood flow.

It is not recommended to use red for the whole office theme. It may increase nervousness in your employees and may cause your employees to make more mistakes than normal.

Does your business require a lot of creativity and innovation? Then why not have your office designed with a yellow colour scheme in mind? It is believed to trigger creativeness and is best used in creative work environments.

It is important to choose the right colour for your office, especially if you want your employees to be focused and efficient in their work. Choosing a dull colour may cause your employees to feel dull and decrease the work productivity.

Ensure that there is Space

Ensure that your office have sufficient space for employees to work in, it is not healthy for employees to be sitting in an office that is full of people. They are not able to focus properly. Make sure that there is enough space in your office design for your employees to work comfortably in.

Our office designs will take all into consideration to guarantee that your employees will be happy in their workspace. Looking for a great office design? Contact us now!


increasing popularity of end-of-trip facilities in Brisbane

Have you recently discovered that your major development in Brisbane requires an end-of-trip facility? Are you an organisation that is looking for a way to boost organisational morale and encourage health and fitness among your employees?

Here at Supernova Building Services, we’ve received an increasing number of requests from Brisbane organisations seeking to build or refurbish an end-of-trip facility. This article will provide key information on how we can help.

What is an end-of-trip facility?

A growing trend in Brisbane and Australia-wide, end-of-trip facilities are designated places that support cyclists, joggers and walkers who desire alternative ways to commute to work. These types of facilities also benefit companies who would like to provide their employees with an option for exercise during their lunch break – a popular option among urban office workers.

End-of-trip facilities can include:

  • Secure bicycle parking
  • Locker facilities
  • Change rooms and showers

Ultimately, this is an affordable way to improve convenience for commuters and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Buildings that require end-of-trip facilities

From office facilities to school facilities, university facilities, shopping centre facilities and hospital facilities, end of trip facilities can take many forms. New major developments in the South East Queensland region with a floor area greater than 2000 square metres are legally required to build an end of trip facility for visitors.

How to get started

If your organisation is legally required to provide visitors with an end of trip facility, or your business would like to install one to improve employee morale and work culture, Supernova Building Services can build an end-of-trip facility to meet your unique needs, on budget and on time. We also offer maintenance services to keep your end of trip facility looking its best.

To find out more, get in touch with Supernova Building Services today.


Open plan office vs. closed plan office: advantages and disadvantages

Having trouble deciding between an open or a closed office layout for your small office fitout? The truth is, each style comes with unique advantages and disadvantages. It’s all about matching your office space to your needs. We’re here to end the debate and help you choose the best office layout to suit your business.

Open plan office layout

Advantage: Easy for staff to interact

If your work culture values collaboration and transparency, an open office is ideal. The airiness and flexibility of this layout makes it perfect for teamwork and building camaraderie. Employees will naturally feel more at ease, while managers will appear more approachable – perfect if your business has a relatively flat organisational structure.

Disadvantage: Noisy and distracting environment

Unfortunately, an open office can create a lot of noise and distractions. If noise levels are high, this can make concentrating more difficult, leading to a stressful environment and reduced productivity.

Advantage: Less expensive

An open office is more cost-effective than a closed office, both in upfront construction costs and ongoing maintenance. Since an open layout promotes shared resources and improves airflow, the costs of electricity, heating, cooling and office equipment will be lower.

Disadvantage: Lack of privacy

Lack of privacy is a major drawback of an open office. Without barriers such as walls, phone conversations and meetings are no longer confidential. Open offices can also facilitate the spread of disease, making it more likely that contagious illnesses will spread to multiple staff and result in higher absenteeism.

Closed plan office fitout

Advantage: Clear hierarchy

Closed offices are ideal if your business has a traditional structure and wishes to emphasise a clear hierarchy.

Disadvantage: More expensive

Due to the need to construct multiple, segregated workspaces, a closed office is generally more expensive to build than an open office. Costs for heating, air conditioning and lighting are more expensive.

Advantage: Easy to focus on work

One major benefit of a closed office is that it provides a quiet space for each employee to reflect. As a result, employees will be less likely to get distracted from their work.

Disadvantage: Low communication

Closed offices tend to foster lower levels of face to face communication than open plan offices, with a higher rate of emails and interoffice phone calls. This can result in a less collaborative workplace if shared meeting spaces are not set up.

Contact the Brisbane office fitout experts

As Brisbane’s leading office fitout professionals, we can assist you with both the planning and development phases of your office fitout. We offer expertise in building both open and closed offices.

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How to make your office space fit your business

Are you a Brisbane business, looking to refresh your office with a small office fitout? Is your office in desperate need of a repaint, or perhaps even an overhaul of its layout, furniture and overall aesthetic?

Ideally, your office should reflect your business’ culture and values, and reinforce how you’d like your business to be perceived. This is crucial in order to build a credible reputation with employees, clients and business partners, creating a seamless and professional impression for everyone who comes into contact with your business.

Benefits of planning an office fitout

Renovating your office with office fitout services is significantly less expensive than moving your office to a new location, while achieving a similar effect. Not only can a strategic office fitout work wonders for boosting morale, a renovated office can allow for easier communication between employees to improve teamwork and enhance productivity.

Tips for effectively planning your office space

Set clear project goals – Think about what you are aiming to achieve. Is your main goal to reinforce your business’ brand, or boost your employees’ productivity? This will impact the design of your office.

Create a detailed checklist – Create a comprehensive checklist of all the electrical equipment, fixtures and furnishings your office will need.

Decide on a budget – Look carefully at your checklist, align each item against your project goals, and decide on your priorities. This will help you decide what percentage of your budget to allocate to each item on your checklist.

Create a blueprint for your office fitout design – Mock up a blueprint of your office fitout’s layout, seeking advice from a professional office fitout specialist. Consulting office fitout professionals will help ensure your project stays on track to meet your time and budget goals, and prevent your business from making costly mistakes that derail the project.

Contact the Brisbane office fitout experts

Supernova Building Services are one of the most trusted office fitout companies in Brisbane. We excel at helping Brisbane businesses build exceptional office fitouts that achieve your business goals in an affordable and timely manner.

Get in touch with Supernova Building Services today for advice or an obligation-free quote for your small office fitout.


Top Benefits of Building Maintenance

Routine building maintenance provided by professional building maintenance contractors is a smart investment to ensure your commercial property retains its earning potential for years to come. Here are four of our top reasons why investing in commercial building maintenance is a wise choice.

Benefit 1 – Save money with prevention

Have you ever needed to call in an emergency repair specialist to fix a critical issue that was impacting your business, such as a serious plumbing issue? Ignoring issues until they become full-blown problems is a surefire way to rack up an expensive repair bill.

In contrast, regular building maintenance, which is designed to prevent problems before they arise, is highly cost-effective. Investing in ongoing maintenance to prevent the need for large-scale repairs will ultimately save your business lots of money. Routine building maintenance also allows your business to budget, accurately and correctly, and avoid budget blowouts.

Benefit 2 – Create a positive impression about your business

When a client or business partner visits your commercial building, they will form an instant impression about your business’ professionalism and culture. A commercial building that is tidy and clean sends the message that you are professional and take good care of your employees and clients.

Benefit 3 – Ensure employee wellbeing

How do your employees feel about your workplace? A poorly-kept building can play havoc with your employees’ morale and dampen their enthusiasm for coming to work. At worst, it can even cause health problems or injury.

Regular building maintenance and repair will make your commercial building a healthy and safe place to work. Not only can this prevent sickness and injuries in the workplace, it can have positive flow-on effects, such as bolstering productivity, staff morale and retention.

Benefit 4 – Maintain or improve your resale value

Resale values are consistently higher for commercial buildings that are well-maintained. Practically speaking, this means that the inevitable wear and tear caused by natural elements should always receive attention before it can impact the value of your property.

Looking for a local building maintenance contractor? At Supernova Building Services, we specialise in providing affordable building maintenance services for Brisbane businesses.

Give Supernova Building Services a call today or fill out our enquiry form and we’ll be in touch shortly.


A Simple Guide to Planning New Office Fitouts

Are you starting to plan a new office fitout, but not quite sure where to start? As in business, it’s smart to pay attention to the fine details.

As certified office fit out specialists, Supernova Building Services can help you think through the obvious and less obvious details of designing a highly productive office space. Our simple guide is designed to provide useful tips and tricks to help you plan your first office interior fit out effectively.

Set project goals

First, define the goals that will guide your new office fit out design. Will your office fitout design focus on:

  • Reinforcing your business’ brand? If your primary goal is to strengthen your brand, you’ll need to incorporate your brand colours, company vision, mottos and values into the layout and design.
  • Boosting employees’ motivation and productivity? In this case, you’ll need to research trends in ergonomic design. Look into strategies to improve staff morale through colour, lighting and space.

Create a detailed checklist

An office fitout project can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t keep organised. To start on the right track, create a comprehensive inventory of what your office will need.

Start by writing down how many employees will be working in your new office, and what they will need to perform their jobs effectively.

You’ll need to consider the following:

  • Staff equipment and furniture (computers, desks and chairs)
  • Telephone and power outlets
  • Artificial lighting
  • Natural lighting (e.g. windows)
  • IT infrastructure and internet
  • Heating vents and thermostats
  • Ventilation, air-conditioning, ducts and fans
  • Furniture for meeting spaces and reception areas
  • Equipment for amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Safety requirements, such as the proper placement of fire extinguishers, exit signs, sprinklers and smoke detectors

Decide on a budget

Often, your budget will be decided for you, based on your circumstances. In order to achieve the best results, it’s important to plan how you will manage your budget over the course of the project.

Look carefully at your checklist items and align them against your project goals. Now’s the time to decide on your priorities. What percentage of your budget will you allocate to each item on your checklist? Can existing office furniture be reused, or will you need to invest in new furniture and fixtures?

Create a blueprint of your office fitout design

Mock up a blueprint of your office fitout design. To enhance productivity, consider how you can make your office pleasant for your workers. Even if you have space restrictions, you can create the illusion of ample space with a few strategic choices. Will an open style, collaborative office enhance your employees’ workflow or will you need private spaces to work independently?

Seek advice from a professional office fitout specialist

To approach the office fitout design process logically, save money and save time, it’s best to consult a professional fitout specialist. Why? Consulting office fit out specialists can prevent your business from making costly mistakes that can unravel a complex project.

Here at Supernova Building Services, we can assist you through every stage of your project. With our proven expertise, we’ll ensure you achieve exceptional results that match your business goals, on budget and on time.


The Importance of Property Maintenance for Your Commercial Lease

Whether you own a single office or multiple commercial buildings, it’s in your best interest as a business owner to ensure that your portfolio is kept in a pristine condition.

Why is commercial property maintenance important?

Finding a company that offers commercial building maintenance can save you a lot of trouble and, in the long term, a lot of money. A clean, safe commercial property will improve your business’ reputation, and the happiness and health of tenants, workers and clients.
Most importantly, if you don’t arrange regular property maintenance, your property may decrease in value and require expensive repairs.

What is the best way to maintain my commercial properties?

Investing in a professional property maintenance service is a wise choice. Typically, these services include:

Interior repairs – Interior repairs may include interior painting or repainting, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and fixing interior damage to your property.

Exterior repairs – Exterior repairs ensure your property looks presentable and tidy to visitors. These can include:

● Exterior painting
● Concrete laying
● Brickwork
● Roofing
● Fencing
● Installation, replacement, and repair of signs

How can I choose the right property maintenance service for my business?

Here are three things to look for when finding your best fit in a commercial property maintenance company.


Ideally, the company you select should be licensed and have certifications proving their expertise. Staff should demonstrate deep knowledge about all aspects of building maintenance, from interior and exterior repairs.

State-of-the-art repair equipment

To ensure the job is performed well, ensure the company uses state-of-the art equipment.

Good value

Finally, the company should offer an affordable price with satisfaction guaranteed. Look for a company with a reputation for working quickly and efficiently to deliver exceptional results.

What are you waiting for?

If you suspect that your commercial property is starting to look untidy or unclean, now’s the time to act. Contact ustoday for a quote on maintaining your commercial property in Brisbane.

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