Building Services: Handy Tips for End of Lease Tenancy Make Goods

Are you about to move out of your commercial premises? A ‘make good clause’ in your tenancy agreement may require you to leave your building in perfect condition.

Here is a quick guide to help you move out of your leased space without frustrations or surprises.

Check the lease agreement

While some make good clauses can be vague, others will give detailed instructions on what is expected.

At a minimum, on termination of your lease, you must:

● Ensure all damage and wear and tear is fully repaired
● Repaint the walls
● Demolish and remove all partitions
● Remove furniture
● Remove all joinery and fixtures
● Return all electrical cabling to its original state
● Remove signage
● Ensure all standard finishes are restored
● Make sure the building is spotlessly clean

List the changes

Over time, you may have upgraded or made renovations to your commercial property. Make a list of everything you have changed in the property, including:

● Electrical Powerpoints
● Lighting
● Fittings such as shelves
● Partitions
● Drapes and blinds
● Air-conditioning and fans
● Heating

Check with the landlord

Talk with your landlord to understand their expectations. Sometimes the landowner will view the updates you’ve made to the commercial property as improvements and allow some renovations to remain.

Hire a professional

When moving from your commercial property, it’s best to seek assistance from a professional building servicescompany that has expertise in make goods.

At Supernova Building Services, we specialise in helping Brisbane businesses return their commercial property to a pristine state. We can help ensure you don’t miss anything that you agreed to in your lease and perform all the restoration work for you. Contact us today for more information.